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Safety Notice

Please read this important safety notice about working outdoors with trimmers or weed eaters as they are more commonly known.

We recommend that everyone take the proper safety precautions included, but not limited to:

- Wear long trousers or denim jeans for leg protection.

- Wear shoes that cover your entire feet, especially your toes, or wear safety boots

- Wear eye protection in the form of goggles or safety glasses to protect from flying debris

- Wear hearing protection if using a gas trimmer

Our steel wire trimmer head is intended to cut whatever you put in it's path so we ask that you pay particular attention to your surroundings and only use your new steel wire trimmer for landscaping or other yard work.

The steel wire trimmer head is not intended to cut stone, wood, plastic or any other material and may cause bodily injury if it is used in a manner not intended.

Using Your New Trimming Head Safely

✦ Ensure children and pets are kept away from the area you are working in

✦ Always use the same size trimmer head as outlined in the manufacturer's instructions

✦ Wear all manufacturer recommended safety equipment to ensure the safe operation of your trimmer

✦ Avoid operating your trimmer (electric or gas) in rainy or damp weather

✦ Clear your work area of debris, wildlife or trip hazards BEFORE you begin working to avoid injury

✦ To avoid snagging or cutting the electrical cord for your trimmer, keep the electrical cord over your shoulder when using trimmer

✦ Use caution around gravel or loose stone. Operating your trimmer around gravel or loose stone could cause your trimmer to send debris flying and cause injury to yourself or other

✦ Ensure your trimmer is turned off and/or disconnected from any power source before investigating any malfunctions

✦ Always unplug your trimmer BEFORE cleaning

✦ Store your trimmer and steel wire trimmer head is a cool, dry area to avoid damage



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